Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The concept (theory) of god

The concept (theory) of god is not a definite one. This allows anyone to say "yes there is god", or "no, there is no such thing called god". Unless someone defines, "what is god?", and that definition is acceptable (to you /me/ anyone) , then only can they (who got convinced by the definition of god) start searching for god. Once you found the meaning of the word, god, you can look for its existence.

This is how I see the concept of God.

When science was at 100th mile mark, people said, "our god is at 200th mile mark. Can your science explain what is at 200th mile mark?". At one point science did reach that 200th mile mark. That pissed of many people, so they moved their god's existence to 300th  mile mark by saying,  "no, our god is at the 300th mile mark. You see a misty object there, can your science explain that? "

The beauty of science is,  it won’t stop at any point assuming anything as a definite answer.  Science will disprove its own discovery/theory as it travels/explores  more.

The so called. "fictional god", only lives in the gaps of science. As you know, the Bible was written by folks who thought the Earth was flat. This makes the bible useless after the discovery of the Earth being round.  The Bible is just an example of all the "fictional" holy books that fall into this category.

Science is trying to explore the unknown. On the other side, the unknown is being labeled as "God." Have fun with your label!

God of The Gaps - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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